Risk Is in the Eye of the Beholder

What I’m Drinking as I Write – Dead Eye Coffee 3 shots of espresso 1 cup of coffee Brew, combine, and enjoy There are two main types of risk: systematic and unsystematic. Systematic risks relate to the overall economy and cannot be eliminated through different portfolio logistics such as diversification. Unsystematic risks are stock-specific andContinue reading “Risk Is in the Eye of the Beholder”

Time is Overrated… Most of the Time

What I’m Drinking as I Write – Tripplo Triple shot of espresso, hot or iced I think people often overestimate the value or meaning of time. This is not to say that time is not precious, meaningful, or infinitely valuable. This is to say that we put too much reliance and excuse on time. LetContinue reading “Time is Overrated… Most of the Time”

Back to the Basics: What is a Stock?

What I’m Drinking as I Write: Shin Shin Coffee 2.5 tbsp dark rum 1.5 tbsp simple syrup 0.5 cup strongly-brewed coffee Cream Cinnamon Whisk the cream Add syrup and rum to mug, stir until blended Add coffee Layer with whipped cream Top with cinnamon Most of you have heard of stocks by now. You’ve heardContinue reading “Back to the Basics: What is a Stock?”